Hilton Garden Inn Palo Alto

Hilton Garden Inn Palo Alto King Guest roomI recently traveled to the Palo Alto area for a waterpolo tournament and the team hotel was The Hilton Garden Inn. The hotel has a great location close to many shops and restaurants. The lobby is crisp and modern, don’t miss the complimentry cookies, and the staff are very friendly, professional, and accommodating. The rooms were very spacious and clean, The bathrooms good sized and the beds were over the top comfortable. The bar area was very lively. The out door patio was large and comfortable and has a large gas fireplace. Overall an fantastic hotel experience!

Nice and open lobby, plenty of seating with view of the bar and outside cozy fireplace.
Comfy beds in big rooms with Keurig coffee maker. Coffee and tea in lobby just before breakfast time. Staff professional and nice. Breakfast buffet had delicious pastry with chocolate which went well with their strong coffee.
Guest laundry near pool. I am a pool person and this pool is lacking so don’t expect to lounge in the pool or swim a lap. The designed shape is strange and small sized, up to 4 1/2 ft deep. Very strong chlorine smell. I just shook my head when I saw the pool. I did go in for a few minutes and it seemed the chlorine smell was worse than residue left on my skin. Overall the hotel is clean and efficient and I’d stay again and not use the pool but eat more chocolate pastries!

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