Hilton London Olympia

Hilton London OlympiaI just completed a two night stay here in early June. I chose the hotel because it was inexpensive. Much less expensive than other hotels around London except for hotels at LHR. I sifted through HHonors, Marriott, Starwood, and Hyatt options. This hotel was by far the cheapest for being close (a relative term) to the major tourist areas.

Hotel impressions:

Room: They said we were given an upgrade room. Um, ok. Nothing special but not a terrible room and it had decent square footage.

Lounge: Only had evening snacks there. It was practically empty; there were only a few others in the lounge. I found the size of the room to be good, although the food/beverage room was very small. They should have knocked down a wall to make it more open; it seemed like a double sized closet. Free booze 6-730 (?) PM – nice. The food offerings were nothing special but satisfactory.

Breakfast: As a diamond (and I guess because of the booking I made), we had a choice between eating breakfast in the lounge or in the restaurant. We ate in the restaurant. It was a decent buffet breakfast; there’s no way that the lounge could have offered a better breakfast because they simply don’t have the space to put up such a large spread.

Transportation: We usually walked to the overground (we were there on weekdays). It runs every 15 minutes; not inconvenient for us. We also took the bus once (so that we could ride on a double-decker bus) to a nearby tube station.
I found the hotel location very acceptable as far as getting to tourist sites, especially when one factors in the price differential.

Internet: I didn’t use it too often but it worked fine. We were able to log on immediately and always had a reliable connection.

Employees: Zero issues; everyone who worked there were friendly and helpful.

Overall, I found the hotel fine, especially for the price. It’s in need of a major update but I paid less than 150 GBP/night during tourist season – everything else I looked at was an additional 100+ GBP/night. If you are looking for aspirational properties, this isn’t the place to go. But you should have already concluded that from the price. I would put this hotel high on the list for value for the dollar and would return there as a diamond.

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