Hilton Prague Old Town

Hilton Prague Old TownMy wife and I stayed in the Hilton Prague Old Town over the weekend and had a fabulous stay. We booked the internet EUR 119 rate (single beds lol) and were upgraded on arrival to a King Executive Room. Check-in was seamless–I noted our noon arrival on the instructions, and we ended up a little early. Room was pre-assigned as an upgrade and ready for us. We were also granted access to the executive lounge. Room wasn’t anything spectacular, but after expecting a single bed, I was thrilled. Within a few minutes of checking in, housekeeping came up with two beers and a welcome note for us. We never frequented the bar or restaurants . . . well we didn’t need to . . . the best part of this hotel was the executive lounge. Free continental breakfast (and if you ask for hot stuff they’ll tell you there’s a charge, but then they waived it each time). The best part of the executive lounge though . . . free booze (and it was open 6am to 11pm). And when I say free booze, think international business class lounges . . . liquor, wine, champagne, and beer, all self service. We ended up having breakfast in the lounge daily (the lounge attendant XYZ (I’ll send his name to Hilton) was awesome), then for an hour or so before dinner and an hour or so after dinner.

Housekeeping was also really good—folded our used clothes, etc.

Hotel’s location is decent–short walk to the Old Town.

All things considered, I’d highly recommend this hotel.

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