Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Hilton San Francisco Union Square King Guest roomThis hotel is more on the Tenderloin than Union Square. Beware the more aggressive panhandlers and smokers outside the main (north) entrance. Your mileage may vary, depending on time of day…

I think the rooms in Tower 1 are the more updated and renovated rooms, and Tower 3 seems older. My room in tower 1 was nice, although it wasn’t as quiet as I’d like — in this case, the problem was people outside and not the other guests. Welcome to the Tenderloin.

The main lobby is under construction (August/September 2015), but should be nice once it is finished.

There is a sky bridge between tower 1 and 3, and the parking garage is remarkably annoying to navigate, so I’d avoid that if you can.

The WiFi is ok, although not free in rooms unless you’re an HHonors member *and* booked directly with the hotel … Not awesome.

The past two times I’ve stayed here, my room hasn’t been ready at checkin, but I was offered an upgraded room at an additional cost. I was trying to get a room before their usual checkin time, so I get it, but I can’t imagine a scenario where I’d pay an extra $100 a night for the duration of my stay, just to get into a room a few hours early. Maybe it’s just that I have no status in the HHonors program…

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