Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku

Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku King SuiteGot a good Question: What do you get when a Quality Reputation meets Japanese Efficiency ?

Answer: The Tokyo Hilton.

It’s big and bustling with lots of activity – but it works.

I stayed for 4 nights on business and enjoyed the experience.

Rooms are well appointed and the bathroom/wet room with the deep bath was great after exploring Tokyo on foot for many hours.

I had room service several times and it always arrived quickly and always freshly cooked.

Overall the team are very engaging and try hard to meet your expectation. (These guys appear like they really want to).

Great hassle free hotel that meets the business travellers expectations.

I’ll be back.

I travelled to Tokyo with my sister on the 30th of May and stayed at the Hilton for 2 nights.

We had the twin executive suite on the 11th floor and we couldn’t have asked for a better room. We had an awesome room and we slept on one of the most comfiest beds.

The hotel was in a good location, close to shops and the public transport. Plus the hotel offered a free shuttle bus to and from Shinjuku Station.

Downside was that Wi-Fi was only free in the hotel lobby otherwise it was an extra charge for the rooms.

Obviously the price was a little higher than your average hotel however I wanted to splurge a little on this trip and it was well worth every penny spent. Definitely would stay again if I am able to in future.

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